A Message from Mr. Tao Shing Pee (Founder)

I am very pleased at the evolution of the Tao Shing Pee Education Foundation (TSPEF) since its inception with the first Tao scholar, HBS class of 2000.

The Foundation¡¯s principal aim is to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship, and to encourage returning graduates to offer their talents and knowledge to contribute to the development of China¡¯s economy and society.

At present there are 70 Tao scholars and to date, 60 of these talented young men/women have returned to successful careers in the People¡¯s Republic of China. Each year, I look forward to meeting and interacting with Tao scholars on my visits to China, and I am gratified to see their enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to put their knowledge and experience to good use.

I welcome the new class of Tao scholars and wish you every success in your studies and campus life.


Tao Shing Pee